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2006/10/01 Released

Preface (PDF:341KB)
History of Cancer Research in Japan (PDF:959KB)

Tabulated Data (PDF:342KB)

  1. Annual mortality trends for leading causes of death in Japan (1910-2004) (PDF:590KB)
  2. Trends in age-adjusted death rates for leading causes of death by sex in Japan (1947-2003) (PDF:584KB)
  3. Number of deaths and proportional mortality rates from malignant neoplasms by site in Japan (2003) (PDF:KB)
  4. Mortality from malignant neoplasms by age group and sex in Japan (2003) (PDF:598KB)
  5. Age-adjusted death rates of malignant neoplasms by site, sex and calendar year (1950-2003) (PDF:587KB)
  6. International comparison of cancer mortality by sex and site (crude mortality) (PDF:578KB)
  7. Cancer incidence, rates and age-specific rates per 100,000 population in Japan according to sex and site (1999) (PDF:588KB)
  8. Age-adjusted incidence rates of malignant neoplasms by site, sex and calendar year (1975-1999) (PDF:571KB)
  9. Methods of treatment at National Cancer Center Hospital, Japan (primary cases only, 1975, 2004) (PDF:578KB)
  10. Survival rates (%) by site and clinical stage
    I. 5-year survival rates of newly diagnosed and hospitalized patients by sex, site and year of diagnosis (PDF:597KB)
    (1)National Cancer Center Hospital
    (2)National Cancer Center Hospital East
    II. Survival rates (%) of Major sites at the National Cancer Center Hospital (PDF:592KB)
    III. International comparison of 5-year survival from population-based cancer registries (PDF:568KB)
  11. Clinical stage and survival in patients detected by screening in Japan (PDF:568KB)
  12. Smoking and cancer (PDF:606KB)
  13. Time trends in consumption of tobacco, alcohol and food (PDF:581KB)
  14. Number of examinees in national mass-screening program (PDF:576KB)
  15. Consultation rate trends in Japan (PDF:581KB)
  16. National medical care expenditure trends in Japan (1977-2002) (PDF:576KB)
    Explanation of terms (PDF:706KB)
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