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Preface (PDF:381KB)
History of Cancer Control in Japan (PDF:831KB)

Figures and Tables

  1. Number of Deaths, by Cancer Site (2006) (PDF:498KB)
  2. Cancer Deaths by Age Group, Site Distribution (2006) (PDF:439KB)
  3. Mortality Rate by Cancer Site (2006) (PDF:494KB)
  4. Number of Incidence by Cancer Site (2002) (PDF:501KB)
  5. Cancer Incidence by Age Group, Site Distribution (2002) (PDF:441KB)
  6. Incidence Rate by Cancer Site (2002) (PDF:515KB)
  7. Survival Rate, Data from Population-based Cancer Registries (Diagnosed in 1997-99) (PDF:600KB)
  8. Survival Rate in the Member Hospitals of the Association of Clinical Cancer Centers (Diagnosed in 1997-2000) (PDF:526KB)
  9. Cumulative Cancer Incidence/Mortality Risk (PDF:532KB)
  10. Trends in Crude Mortality Rate for Leading Causes of Death (1910-2006) (PDF:484KB)
  11. Trends in Age-adjusted Mortality Rate for Leading Causes of Death (1947-2006) (PDF:505KB)
  12. Trends in Site-specific Crude Mortality Rate (1965-2006) (PDF:508KB)
  13. Trends in Age-adjusted Mortality Rate (1958-2006) (PDF:546KB)
  14. Trends in Age-specific Mortality Rate (1965, 1985, 2006) (PDF:546KB)
  15. Trends in Site-specific Crude Incidence Rate (1980-2002) (PDF:504KB)
  16. Trends in Age-adjusted Incidence Rate (1975-2002) (PDF:539KB)
  17. Trends in Age-specific Incidence Rate (1980, 2002) (PDF:531KB)
  18. Trends in Cancer Statistics : Age-adjusted Mortality/Incidence Rate (PDF:498KB)
  19. Age-adjusted Cancer Mortality Rate under Age 75 by Prefectures (2005) (PDF:1,372KB)
  20. International Comparisons of Cancer Survival Rates (PDF:423KB)
  21. International Comparison of Proportion of Deaths from Cancer by Sex and Site (PDF:473KB)
  22. Cumulative Incidence Rate of Cancer Worldwide by Sex and Site (PDF:576KB)
  23. Population Attributable Fraction (%) of Cancer Incidence Associated with Tobacco Smoking in Japan (PDF:446KB)
  24. Trends in the Number of Mass-screening Examinees and Detected Cancers (PDF:178KB)
Glossary (PDF:320KB)
"Cancer Statistics Japan" Editorial Board (PDF:96KB) d (PDF:99KB)
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